Benefits Of Reiki During Pregnancy

by Lasi Leavy, Founder and Director of Mothering & More Birth Network

When Reiki is used early in pregnancy, it helps reduce exhaustion and nausea. In fact, it helps with all symptoms that a woman might experience throughout her entire pregnancy. It brings relief to every part of the body through pregnancy, and even into labor and birth. Reiki helps to calm fears and soothes a woman who may be unsure of herself and her body during her childbirth experience. The power of Reiki is known to make a baby wriggle with pleasure inside the womb. It also has a calming affect on the baby as well. Reiki helps mothers and their babies throughout pregnancy and during birth, with universal love and healing.

Reiki can be given, to both the mother and the baby, throughout pregnancy and at birth itself, if you, your partner, or your doula practice it. When the time to give birth arrives, Reiki helps to ease the pain and creates a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere for the baby.

Regular treatments of Reiki during pregnancy will help your body to maintain its natural, chemical and physiological balance.

Benefits of Reiki during Pregnancy:

- Reiki relieves uncomfortable symptoms that occur as the mother’s body undergoes changes

- Reiki supports the development of the growing baby

- Reiki deepens the relationship between mother and baby