I love facilitating Reiki 1 courses for children.

Young children are open vessels through which Reiki energy flows easily.

Reiki 1 Courses and Classes for ChildrenChildren do not need to read a Reiki book or attend a Reiki course in order for energy to flow through them. There is a reason for this. The mind of a child influences and activates areas in the energy field important for the flow of energy as well as activating important endocrine glands in the physical body.

Why are Children naturally open to energy?

Until about the ages of seven, children do not use their rational thinking mind so much.
They live very much in the moment and have the ability to be more present and intuitive than most adults. Children have a great gift of speaking their truth and do not censor information before delivering it. They are also more unconditional in the way they love themselves and others.

Occupying a state of mind that is based upon being present, speaking truth and unconditional love influences a lot of activity in the upper portion of the energy field. The areas responsible for channelling universal energy are activated on an ongoing basis in the daily life of a child.

Children find Reiki easy to understand

Energy may be flowing through children but unless they know what they have got, they will not use it. Some children have been fortunate to have their parents or relatives attend Reiki courses. If these adults explain Reiki in an easy to understand way and illustrate some basic Reiki hand positions, there is a good chance the children will start using it.

Reiki 1 Classes for Children

I facilitate Reiki classes for children. It is an opportunity to explain Reiki and to show them how to use it.

I am always delighted by their acceptance and enthusiasm. They do not have the inhibitions adults experience when it comes to understanding the simplicity behind Reiki.

How I teach Reiki to children

My explanations of Reiki, where energy comes from and how it enhances our mind and body are kept simple. I explain a lot of the information to them in the form of pictures.

Teaching children the Reiki treatment positions is a dream. They are rarely self conscious and really enjoy the experience. It is a joy to see them using Reiki on each other. I teach them both chair and table Reiki hand positions.

My Reiki 1 courses for children are held over a two hour period. This is all that is required. Children are able to understand the concept of Reiki fully in that time frame as they do not struggle with the doubt that adults so often have.

Each child goes away with their drawings, a little Reiki manual I created for children and a Reiki certificate.

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I am a former nurse, and have had the privilege of working in hospitals in Ireland, Canada, Australia, and the USA.

Reiki in HospitalComplementary therapies and energy healing were popular in all of the countries I nursed in.
I personally witnessed holistic therapies being used on patients in the USA and Australia.

Reiki in Ireland has become very popular in recent years. I have taught many health care professionals at my Reiki courses in Dublin. Some hospitals, hospices, nursing homes and cancer support centres are now offering Reiki treatments.

Reiki energy is Gentle and Safe to use

The beauty of Reiki is that it is non invasive and is administered in a very gentle manner.
The Reiki practitioner can give Reiki without touching the body in cases where patients have burns or major injuries.

Reiki is a wonderful compliment to conventional medicine and helps relax patients on the levels of the mind and physical body. When a patient is relaxed the healing process is accelerated. Nurses comment that patients sleep much better and are calmer following Reiki treatments.

Reiki does not interfere with medical treatments or interventions. What can happen is that it helps improve your condition or medical challenge. In such cases, your medical team may review or reduce your medication.

Much has progressed since I started teaching Reiki in Ireland in 1996

There are some holistic healers and Reiki practitioners in Ireland who work as part of a team within the HSE. This team includes doctors, social workers and occupational therapists. In such situations the Reiki practitioners are also qualified nurses.

There are some volunteer programmes where holistic therapies can be used by non medical professionals. In such cases the volunteers usually go through in house training asides from the qualification they hold.

You can have Reiki if you have an ongoing medical challenge

Reiki is safe to use if you have medical conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes or heart conditions. You may receive Reiki treatments if you are undergoing chemotherapy or radium treatment.

Pregnant woman can have Reiki treatments, although they may prefer to have a Reiki chair treatment rather than lying down on a massage table.

The only time Reiki practitioners might refrain from giving Reiki treatments is if a patient is having a psychotic episode.

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One of the remarkable things about Reiki is that you can have a Reiki treatment from a distance.
You might have a busy schedule or maybe you are unable to physically attend a Reiki treatment.
In situations like this the Reiki practitioner can send you Reiki energy remotely. This is called a Distant Reiki Treatment.

Interesting research study about the effects of Distant Healing

Reiki Distant HealingMany studies have been conducted into the effectiveness of Distant healing.
One such study was published by Fred Sicher, Elizabteh Targ and colleagues on the effects of distant healing on patients with AIDS at California Pacific Medical Center’s Complementary Medicine Research Institute.

Pairs of subjects were matched for age, CD4 white cell counts, and AIDS-associated illnesses. They were randomly assigned to receive either distant healing or no healing.

This study focused on 40 volunteers who had advanced AIDS. Distant healing was sent by 40 experienced healers in various parts of the USA. They sent healing for one hour every day, six days a week for a period of ten weeks.
Healers were rotated randomly in weekly assignments, so that every patient had 10 different healers who sent healing over the course of their treatment.

At six months following the initial assessment, those sent distant healing had significantly fewer AIDS-related illnesses and lower severity of illnesses. Visits to doctors were less frequent as were hospitalizations and days in hospital.

Mood was assessed on the Profile of Mood States (POMS). Again there was significantly more improvement in the group sent Distant Healing.

Distant Reiki benefits include:

  • Empowers Mental Well Being
  • Improves Physical Energy Levels
  • Reduces Stress
  • Improves Sleep Patterns
  • Boosts Confidence

What does the client need to do when Reiki energy is being sent?

Reiki is always received the way that is perfect for you. While you might prefer to receive healing energy during your time off, when relaxing or sitting down, be assured that this is not necessary. Reiki can be sent to you at any time.

What the Reiki Practitioner needs to know before sending you Reiki energy?

The energy therapist will require your name and will ask if there is a specific reason you would like this holistic energy sent. If you prefer to send a photograph of yourself this is also be acceptable.

Seeing is Believing!

It is understandable that people would be sceptical about the effectiveness of remote healing methods. Any doubts I had were erased by the stories I have been witness to over the years.
People often attend my Reiki courses as a result of benefits received following distant healing.

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Reiki in Ireland is not confined to people benefiting from Reiki treatments.
Horses are also experiencing the wonders of Reiki energy healing.

Reiki Energy Healing Treatments on HorsesReiki energy is being used on competitive race horses as well as on horses that have gone through emotional traumas.

Some Reiki practitioners use Reiki exclusively on animals. They also facilitate Reiki courses for owners of animals. Reiki is truly a wonderful gift that can be shared with your horse on a daily basis.

The Reiki treatment

If you plan on giving Reiki to any animal, you must know your animal. Always approach an animal from a position they are comfortable with.
It is important that you know and recognise the body signals that animals give when they are uncomfortable with your presence or with what you are doing.

Horses like all animals are very sensitive to energy and are very intuitive.
They will take as much energy as they desire, and when they have had enough they will move away. The length of a session varies according to the needs of the animal.
Even ten to fifteen minutes can go a long way.

The Reiki practitioner will often be guided by the horse regarding where to place his or her hands. In some cases like infected wounds, the Reiki practitioner will hold their hands a few inches away from the horse’s physical body.

It is desirable that the first few Reiki treatments be given in an environment familiar to the horse. It is also a good idea to have the horse owner or carer present.

It is sometimes suggested that the owner have a Reiki session first, so they can have an understanding of what the horse is experiencing.

Benefits of Reiki for horses

  • Reduces Stress
  • Relieves Pain
  • Assists with recovery from trauma
  • Improves Confidence
  • Helps gain peak performance
  • Relaxes horses before races and travel
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Helps with flexibility

What can happen during a gentle healing Reiki session?

  • Relaxed state
  • Natural Stretching
  • Lowering of the head
  • Sighing
  • Yawning
  • Heavy eyelids
  • Sleep
  • Chewing
  • Licking of lips

How your horse might behave after the energy treatment?

  • Relax
  • Have boosted energy
  • Drink or eat or both
  • Appear very calm

Equine Reiki is not meant to be a substitute for Veterinarian care.
If your horse has a serious health issue, contact your Vet.

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Reiki reduces PainDuring my years as a nurse I observed many people challenged with pain for a myriad of reasons.

Modern medicine with its interventions and medication goes a long way to reduce pain.
However, for those challenged with chronic pain conditions, it is wonderful to have a natural healing method which has no side effects and can assist with pain relief.

I personally became aware of the amazing ability Reiki has in helping to reduce pain, when I had a severe tooth ache shortly after learning Reiki. By just gently placing my hand on my jaw, I could instantly feel the energy going to the area, and the pain subsided. There is nothing like a personal experience to convince you that something works, and that was a major convincer for me.

How Self Reiki treatments helped with a painful back injury

In my years of teaching Reiki courses, I have been witness to wonderful stories from people who attend my Reiki trainings. I frequently hear accounts about how Reiki has helped with pain relief. These stories cover a wide range of challenges including back pain, migraine, menstrual cramps, Chron’s disease to mention but a few.

One of the stories that come to my mind is how Reiki helped Michael a foreman and painting contractor. He sustained a major injury to his T 12 vertebrae and was told it would be challenging to get back to work and for it to heal. He was also warned about experiencing a lot of pain.

Michael had done Reiki training classes with me, and started to use his self-Reiki treatments immediately. Michael returned to work in a short space of time with full mobility.
His consultant was amazed at how well his bone healed.

Louise reduces the frequency and intensity of her Migraine Headaches

Louise attended a Reiki 1 class with me challenged y with severe migraines. She was a teaching assistant at the time, and in her own words, she was lucky if she got a day or two free of migraines. Having had Migraines since she was nine years old, they were getting progressively worse. Her symptoms included loss of sight, sometimes loss of speech as the headache started as well as severe nausea.

Within a month of using Reiki on herself her situation changed radically. Her headaches were down to one or two a month at the most. She reported that on the onset of any headache she immediately used Reiki and the migraine just went away. She no longer uses painkillers. She says that her life is much more relaxed and much more enjoyable now.

It is easy to use Reiki

The beauty of Reiki is that it is easy to use. Once you have completed a Reiki 1 training course, you can administer Reiki energy healing to yourself.

If you are experiencing pain, gently place one or both of your hands on the relevant area. Reiki is not directed by conscious thought and is not an academic discipline, so you do not need to concentrate as you are giving yourself Reiki.

To read more stories about Reiki and how it helps with physical challenges and pain relief visit www.thehealingpages.com.

Imagine what you could do if you had more confidence in your abilities.

How many people have talents they never explore and adventures they never live due to a lack of self belief?

We all have different journeys to live and individual challenges and insecurities to overcome.
That said, there is an empowering tool which can help us all regardless of our circumstances.

The gentle energy of Reiki is widely recognised for the benefit of confidence it brings to many people.

Learning how to do self Reiki treatments at a Reiki 1 course is easy.
Reiki is practical and user friendly in that you can use it on yourself every day at home, in your office or even if travelling on a bus or train.
All that is required is the gentle application of Reiki hand positions on your body.

Reiki energy vibrates at a frequency higher than our basic survival issues, our limiting beliefs and our fears. When we use Reiki energy on ourselves on a continuous basis, our own internal frequency starts to elevate itself.

This shift and elevation in frequency manifests itself as a changed state of mind.
Change a mindset and you will observe that the emotional state of a person also changes as well as physical well being.

I recognised in my years as a nurse the importance of peoples’ mindsets.
It appeared no accident to me that people who constantly worried were constantly unwell.

I used to contemplate, what would these people experience if they could change the way they think and feel about themselves. In short what would their lives be like if they had a different state of mind.

Everywhere you go you are. Anyone who has done a lot of travelling will tell you that. You can move away from your current physical environment, but if you don’t change your state of mind, you tend to recreate the same challenges and circumstances.

Using Reiki on my-self is what enabled me to change the way I perceive reality.
Reiki changed my state of mind and my confidence levels and a natural consequence of this was that my life changed.

I started to experience a new confidence with ongoing self Reiki treatments.
By degrees I developed a passion and will to engage with experiences I never would have dreamed of before. Such was my passion for Reiki that I decided to teach Reiki courses full time and I left behind my career as a nurse.

My story is not unique. Reiki has changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide. It has been my great honour to see people blossom and flower during my years of teaching Reiki.

There are many testimonials and case histories on my website that reflect the transformational changes that occur following Reiki training courses.

If you would like to read any of these Reiki stories or would like to find out more about Reiki visit www.thehealingpages.com

Parents often attend my Reiki courses so they can share Reiki with their children.
The beauty of learning Reiki is that you can give Reiki treatments to family and friends following your Reiki 1 class.

Children usually love Reiki and will ask you for a little Reiki session if they know one is on offer. It has been the observation of many Reiki practitioners that children respond very quickly to Reiki treatments and the benefits they experience from Reiki are many.

Children are less inhibited and more accepting than most adults and they have a natural ability to let go and surrender during Reiki treatments.
Parents often comment on how their children have immediate benefits following Reiki.

Practical Tips for sharing Reiki with your Children

If you have completed a Reiki course and you wish to offer your child some Reiki, there are simple tips to help you on your way.

Remember that children have their own little schedules and priorities with playtime and games etc.
They also have a different perspective on time to us adults. Anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes of Reiki can go a long way with children.

You can easily incorporate Reiki into the day of your child without making it seem like a formal Reiki treatment. For example you could gently place your hands on your child’s head or shoulders when they are watching TV and give them a few minutes of Reiki.

They will probably comment on how nice it feels, or the warm feeling from your hands. On occasions they will ask you to continue when you take your hands away.

You could also give your child some Reiki last thing at night when they are lying down in bed.
Some parents place one hand gently on the stomach of their child while reading them a bed time story with the other hand. This tends to have a very soothing effect.

Using Reiki on Hyperactive Children

Parents have reported that sometimes the best time to give Reiki to a child challenged with hyperactivity is when the child is asleep. You can even beam the energy towards the child, rather than touching the child directly. In such cases have your hands a few inches away from the child.

If your child starts to move or wriggle in their sleep as you are giving them Reiki, I would encourage you to cease the Reiki treatment. Such movement is commonly an indication that the child has enough or does not desire Reiki energy. If you continue, your child just might wake up from the sleep state.

Reiki has been received well by children challenged with Autism and learning difficulties

Reiki has been used by parents and practitioners on children with learning difficulties and children challenged with Autism. The results have been very encouraging. Most parents comment on the calming effect it has on the child and how it helps ease the tension in the home environment.

Always approach the child from a position where they are comfortable with you. If the child does not like being touched, you can beam the energy instead.

Sharing Reiki with your Baby

Babies have their own ups and downs and there are times when they are glad of some Reiki.
Teething is a great example of when Reiki healing can come in handy. I am not saying that it will ease the pain totally, but it can take the edge of it. Hold the baby like you normally do, and with one hand, beam the energy towards the area where the teething is taking place.

The same strategy applies for ear aches. Just beam the Reiki energy with one hand toward the effected ear, while you hold your child with the other hand.

Colic is another challenge that has been eased with Reiki. Rub your babies back and stomach like you normally do. However, stop every now and again and allow the Reiki healing energy to flow out your hands to your baby.

If your baby starts to move and wriggle as you give them Reiki, it means they do not want energy healing at that moment. This is their way of saying no thank you.

We must always respect the wishes of our babies and children when it comes to whether they wish to accept Reiki energy healing or not.

Teaching Children Reiki

Children can easily use Reiki on themselves once taught what to do.
I facilitate short Reiki classes and courses for children a few times a year.

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Reiki therapy is often remarked upon for the benefits sceptics receive following Reiki treatments.

Reiki energy is not driven by conscious thought. It is directed by the deeper mind, the subconscious aspect of a person.

When you breathe or when your heart beats, are you thinking about it? Are you controlling these important functions with your conscious mind? It is ironic perhaps that most adults assume we need to be thinking in order for things to happen. Yet, when it comes to important matters like breathing and blood flow, a part of our nervous system operating below conscious thought is in control.

During Reiki treatments, the practitioner is like a conduit through which the Reiki energy flows.
This energy is not the practitioner’s personal energy. Reiki practitioners have been taught how to facilitate the flow of free energy which surrounds all life. In essence Reiki practitioners are just vessels for this energy.

When the Reiki practitioner places their hands on the client’s body, the client is now in receipt of the energy. It flows exactly where it need to flow, being directed by the subconscious mind of the client.
The flow of Reiki energy and where it goes is not directed by the practitioner.

Reiki works on unconscious patients who are not consciously aware. Reiki has also been used in operating rooms during surgery, when patients are under the influence of anaesthesia.

Reiki was used in the operating room of the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City. The New York Times magazine reported about the use of Reiki during open-heart surgeries and heart transplantations performed by Dr. Mehmet Oz. None of the 11 heart patients treated with Reiki by Reiki Master Julie Motz experienced the usual postoperative depression, the bypass patients had no postoperative pain or leg weakness; and the transplant patients experienced no organ rejection.

Reiki also works effectively on animals who have no conscious belief system about Reiki. They appear to have a deep understanding about what healing energy can do for them.

When a person attends a Reiki treatment it is understandable that there may be doubts about the effectiveness of Reiki and some sceptical thoughts regarding potential results. The good news is that a client can be sceptical and report benefits afterwards. A deep acceptance for change or a healing is what enhances the Reiki session.

Likewise, a person who states consciously that they believe in Reiki, may be the very person who on a deeper level has a resistance to change. This resistance will inhibit the effectiveness of a Reiki treatment as Reiki energy always flows according to the deep acceptance levels of the client.

In my own personal experience of giving Reiki treatments, I can say that people always get from Reiki energy what they need in the moment. We all have free will and Reiki moves according to its unique rhythm.

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Every day there seems to be a new brand of natural healing on the market.
It can become quite confusing to choose the right one for you. Reiki therapy is a method of natural healing which is attracting lots of attention. The corporate world use Reiki for stress management. Hospitals and nursing homes worldwide offer Reiki treatments as a compliment to conventional medicine.

What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a very popular form of energy healing which can be administered as a gentle touch therapy.

Reiki healing works on balancing the mind, emotions and the physical body.
The two ways to experience Reiki are to have a Reiki treatment from a Reiki practitioner or alternatively to learn how to do Reiki for yourself by attending a Reiki 1 course.

Reiki Treatments in Dublin

Reiki therapy has grown in popularity since I first started teaching Reiki in Dublin in 1996. There are now Reiki practitioners practicing Reiki in every suberb in Dublin.

A Reiki treatment takes one hour. The beauty of Reiki treatments is that they are non invasive.
There is no removal of clothing and there is no manipulation or massage during the Reiki treatment.

Unless you are unable to lie down, Reiki treatments are given on a comfortable Reiki table. It is possible to give Reiki energy healing chair treatments if necessary.

During the Reiki treatment, the Reiki practitioner places his or her hands gently on or above the body in a sequence of Reiki hand positions. The client may feel tangible sensations during the process such as heat, tingling or a cool feeling. A sense of deep relaxation is commonly reported from clients and drifting into a deep sleep during Reiki treatment is not unusual.

Reiki energy is a natural healing method with no side effects. People of all ages are attracted to the many benefits Reiki has to offer.

Some of the long term benefits of Reiki healing are:

  • Reduction in Stress Levels
  • Promotes confidence
  • Increases natural energy reserves
  • Helps bring clarity in decision making
  • Assists with changing old habits

How many Reiki treatments should I have?

People attend Reiki treatments for various reasons. If you choose Reiki as a method of pampering or a boost then a Reiki treatment once in a while is sufficient.

If you have a chronic condition and wish to have Reiki treatments with the aim of improving your health challenge, ongoing weekly treatments are usually encouraged for a period of six to eight weeks. The reiki energy is cumulative and builds up in the system. While results may be noticed after one treatment, ongoing Reiki treatments are desirable for long term results.

Acute conditions are conditions that you have had for a shorter period of time. Less Reiki energy treatments may be required to notice long term results in these cases.

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