Catholic Priest Writes Reiki Book

Angela Gorman, copyright 2009-2010

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I recently had the honour of spending some time in conversation with Father Padraig Leonard. Back in Dublin for a holiday, he is the authour of a recently published book titled Reiki for Christians. 

His book is currently available in Portuguese and English.

Father Padraig Leonard was born in 1925 in Delvin, County Westmeath.

He is a member of the Holy Ghost Congregation with 43 years missionary experience in Brazil.  

In 1991 Fr. Padraig founded the Health Education Institute of Itajuba in Brazil with Sr. Marie do Carmo Costo. The centre was dedicated to a holistic approach to spirituality and actively used complementary therapies. 

Clientele at the centre were mainly religious and lay people engaged in church work. It was at this centre that Fr. Padraig was introduced to Reiki. He attended his first Reiki workshop in 1998 and completed his Reiki training by 2000. 

The Catholic Church in Brazil is very open to Reiki. Fr. Padraig is a frequent guest on a radio show run by a Catholic Bishop and he has experienced no resistance to his direct involvement with holistic therapies.  

Of the nearly 300 people he has taught Reiki to, the majority of them are priests and nuns. They in turn use and integrate Reiki in their work with their congregations. 

One of the aims and objectives of his book is to answer the questions and doubts which many Christians have about Reiki.  

During his holiday in Ireland, Fr. Padraig was interviewed twice on Ocean FM radio, as a result of concerns some Catholics have about Reiki.  

I was very impressed by Fr. Padraig’s practical approach to Reiki. As I waved good bye to him, I couldn’t help but think, he was looking forward to returning to Brazil, where the Catholic Church appear to be more open minded to holistic therapies.