Charging Money For Reiki

by Angela Gorman – Copyright 2005-2010

Reiki is a universal energy available to everyone. People who are interested in learning how to access this energy for Self Reiki treatments attend a Reiki 1 workshop. On completion of Reiki 1 everyone can give themselves Reiki.

Many people are interested in Reiki but have no inclination in learning how to use it for themselves. A Reiki treatment is the preferred option in such cases.

A Reiki treatment with a professional Reiki Practitioner averages about an hour. The cost of a Reiki treatment is usually consistent with the price of a massage in your local area.

Some people argue that Reiki should be free as it is a universal energy that the practitioner is using in Reiki treatments.

Reiki practitioners invest time and energy in learning how to share this wonderful energy. Reiki training involves both expense and commitment. Reiki practitioners have ongoing costs like room rental, travel expenses and malpractice insurance rates. The initial outlay of advertising, business cards and Reiki plinths can be very costly.

Money is the most common form of energy exchange. Reiki practitioners who value themselves charge a fair price for their time and commitment to Reiki.