How Reiki Improves your Intuition!

Copyright,The Healing Pages, 2011

A heightened sense of awareness, greater clarity and knowing things ahead of time
are by-products  of using Reiki which a lot of people experience.

Reiki has the ability to turn the switch off in our thinking analytical mind.

It relaxes our thoughts and helps us to activate areas in the brain sensitive to
frequencies and information that is beyond the range of our normal senses.

Examples of how this manifests can include the following :

  • Having a remarkable idea that your personality would never think of
  • Someone popping into your mind and then you meet them
  • Knowing about an earthquake ahead of time
  • Knowing what part of the body to go to in a Reiki treatment

We are so used to analysing everything to make sense of the world that
people find it difficult to trust their intuition initially.

People struggle with trusting their knowingness and allowing new ideas to leak through
the cracks of their personality.

The more childlike and flexible we are, the more intuitive we become.

The more controlling we desire to be, the more time we spend recycling thoughts of the past. 

Reiki can really help us to enhance our intuitive abilities.

However, like everything else, we have the ability to put on the brakes anytime we choose to.