Men Do Reiki Courses Too..

There is no doubt that more women than men are drawn to complimentary therapies. Attend any massage, reflexology or yoga course and you are guaranteed that men will be outnumbered by women by at least three to one.

Men-Do-Reiki-Courses-TooWomen innately view things holistically and it is little wonder that an interest in holistic therapies would be a consequence of that fact.

Communication is Key

Men tend to be more practical than women and are often put off by the way complimentary therapies are explained.

As a practical, open minded lady who knows the benefits Reiki has to offer, I sometimes cringe at the impoverished way Reiki is presented.

Stating that Reiki is a Universal Energy that works is not enough to satisfy the inquiring minds of most men.

Science versus blind faith

We live in an age when quantum physics is beginning to understand the reason why some natural energy therapies work. Reiki is being used in hospitals worldwide, and there have been some interesting studies done to bring more credibility to Reiki.

All of this information is available at our finger tips. Yet, it is not outlined in any great way when Reiki healing or Reiki courses are being explained to men.

A Practical Approach works best

I have had the great fortune of facilitating Reiki courses internationally. Everywhere I have been, I have observed that men have much less resistance to Reiki energy if it is explained in a down to earth way.

At my Reiki 1 classes I give participants a suggested reading list and I also recommend DVDs they can watch. Books and documentaries which outline the science of energy are included.

Examples of the DVDS I recommend include The Living Matrix and What the Bleep do we know. Books like The Field by Lynn Mc Taggart are listed.

Committed to the Reiki Journey

About 80% of the men who do Reiki 1 workshops with me continue on to attend Reiki 2, Reiki practitioner courses and the Reiki Master level of training.

Given that Reiki has been explained comprehensively to them, they are very diligent and sincere about using it. They go home and do regular self Reiki treatments on themselves. They also frequently give Reiki treatments to family and friends.

Investigative Minds are a wonderful thing

I love the way the male mind loves testing out Reiki. An open minded person is one who investigates something without presupposing the results.

One of my male Reiki students decided to mark a patch of grass on his lawn. He beamed Reiki energy at this target area regularly to see if it grew quicker than the rest of the garden. The answer was that it did! Another man bought two identical plants and used Reiki energy on one and none on the other. The difference in the rate of growth between the two was quite remarkable.

The Benefits of Reiki are many

If you are interested in Reiki, perhaps you will investigate having a Reiki treatment or attend Reiki 1 class. Be mindful of the fact that Reiki is unregulated in most parts of the world.

I am happy to say that Reiki in Ireland is undergoing a process of self regulation. My recommendation is that you choose an experienced Reiki practitioner who has their feet firmly on the ground!

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