Reiki And Horses

Animals respond very well to Reiki. They are very sensitive to energy and appear to have an innate knowing about how it can help them.

Catherine Ronan has many horses among her Reiki clients. She has always loved animals. It seemed a natural progression for her to integrate her love of Reiki with them.

There are many reasons why she is called upon to use Reiki on horses. Catherine has had great results with horses that have both physical and emotional challenges. Examples include Daisy, a horse who kept throwing her rider. After five one hour sessions she was much more relaxed and no longer threw her rider.

Tex, the horse seen in this picture had pulled a muscle in his hind leg while warming up for a competition. He was very frustrated with his injury. After six thirty-minute Reiki treatments he was more relaxed and competing well at dressage.

Catherine Ronan can be contacted at 087 6786233

Catherine and Tex
Catherine giving Reiki energy to Tex