The Reiki Attunements

by Angela Gorman – Copyright 2005-2010

Universal energy surrounds all life and just like the air it is available to us all. The attunement process is the structure which Reiki teachers use to ensure that each participant is a direct channel for Reiki. This process has been handed down from Dr. Usui. It was the method he used in Reiki classes to enhance the flow of energy through participants.

The attunement process involves energetic stimulation of  channels responsible for channeling energy. The focus of the attunement is to ensure that universal energy flows through the individual freely. This process is simple and non invasive, it is not a ritual or tied into any religious philosophy and only takes a few minutes.

We were all channeling universal energy freely as children. Because we were able to express our truth, were living in the present moment and were more unconditionally loving we stimulated  parts of the energy field responsible for channeling energy.

The heat you feel from the palms of young children is in part due to the universal energy which is freely flowing through them. The irony is that children do not have to know about energy intellectually in order to channel it. They just have to be in a place in to mind that allows it. If children had a conscious awareness about Reiki energy and it’s benefits they would probably use it in times of need.

Not everyone stops channeling universal energy. Some remain naturally connected to this infinite source of energy. Others channel varying amounts of what is available. It is our attitudes and our awareness levels that dictate how much flows through us.

In the Reiki module it is the attunement process that helps re-establish the connection to the ocean of energy which surrounds us all. I have no doubt that with intent and focus everyone could naturally begin to channel energy again without having an attunement. However, in my experience the Reiki attunement helps focus the energy.

During a Reiki attunement energy begins to flow through the upper part of our energy channels. In the process the upper four chakras are energetically stimulated. However, the lower three chakras will integrate into any changes which occur in the overall chakra system.

Each person perceives the attunement process in a way which is perfect for them. Some feel heat, coolness or tingling. Others get a sense of the energy flowing through different parts of their body, often to an area of old injury. A feeling of pressure or tension in the head and neck area is not unusual but only lasts a very short time. This occurs where the energy is relaxing built up tension.

No two people will perceive the attunement process in an  identical way . It is understandable that people may have doubts about their ability to channel energy. It is the results after using Reiki that count, not what you feel during an attunement or a Reiki treatment. Over time people begin to accept that they can do amazing things once those amazing things begin to happen.