Why children tend to respond more effectively to Reiki than most adults

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Children are uncomplicated. They have fewer reasons to doubt their ability to get better or to respond to energy healing. 
Before the ages of seven, children do not use their rational thinking mind, like most adults do. This allows them to have a greater acceptance for unlimited possibility.

Children find it much easier to surrender during Reiki sessions. They have no difficulty letting go of their thoughts. Their natural instinct is to be in the moment.

Desire for change and adventure is strong in children. They invite change while adults shy away from what is not familiar.

While Reiki works on skeptics and people who have resistance to change, the energy has a home run with children. There are no road blocks in the way.

Reiki is an energy of unconditional love. Generally speaking, children’s consciousness vibrates at this frequency. They easily resonate to this loving energy because it is specific to their frequency.

We can learn a great deal from children and their ability to be totally present and accepting of  the wonderful energy we call Reiki.