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Send us your Case History

We have collected many case histories that provide inspiration and hope to many who read them. Our aim is to create a wealth of stories and experiences for all to share and enjoy. If you would like to share your experience with others please copy or print the form below and mail it to us along with your case history to:

The Healing Pages
Angela Gorman
46 Walnut Rise
Dublin 9

The Healing Pages
Angela Gorman


Copyright in Case History

Dear Angela,

I hereby confirm that I consent to you freely publishing the case history, a copy of which is annexed hereto in order to promote the use of Reiki so as to make others aware of its healing abilities and I hereby further confirm that I have no financial or moral rights, property or other interest in the case history.

I would prefer that you refer to me as ___________________
[insert personal description, ie first name only or full name]

_____ or not mention me by name at all.

In consideration of the help that Reiki has been to me, I hereby assign all copyright that I may have or be deemed to have in the case history to you.

Yours sincerely,


* Please note: we cannot promise when your case history will be published

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