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Men Do Reiki Courses Too..

There is no doubt that more women than men are drawn to complimentary therapies. Attend any massage, reflexology or yoga course and you are guaranteed that men will be outnumbered by women by at least three to one.

Women innately view things holistically and it is little wonder that an …


Reiki is not a Religion

I was introduced to Reiki as a healing energy therapy while I lived in New York. One of the things which greatly appealed to me about my Reiki school in Manhattan was that so many cultures and creeds were attracted to Reiki classes.

Like many other cities, New York has …


Reiki Courses for Children, Teenagers, Adults and Elders

Six years old to 90 years plus learn Reiki

There are not too many things in life which are very popular with both children and the elderly. Reiki I am happy to say is one of those things.

I have been teaching Reiki classes in Dublin since 1996. During all …


Reiki Can Make your Life Better

Before I got involved with Reiki healing I was the type of person who ran around on nervous energy.

It was my belief that we were victims to situations and events and the concept of creating reality mindfully and consciously was an alien concept.

My understandings have changed radically over …


Interested in doing the Final Level of Reiki Training!

The final level of Reiki training is commonly called Reiki 3 or the Reiki Master level.

This is the Reiki course where you receive the Reiki Master symbol.

It is important to highlight that the levels of Reiki that precede Reiki 3 are Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and the Practitioner …