Learning Reiki for yourself – Reiki Courses & Reiki Classes

  • Everyone can learn Reiki
  • People from all walks of life attend Reiki workshops
  • People of all ages are represented at Reiki workshops
  • You do not have to be intellectual to learn Reiki
  • No medical background is necessary

For people who would like to be able to do Reiki on themselves without being reliant on a Reiki practitioner, a Reiki 1 workshop is the preferred option. Reiki 1 is the first level of Reiki training. Each participant is energetically initiated to Reiki. The participants are shown self-Reiki hand positions and also how to offer Reiki to family and friends. This is a wonderful gift that you can use on yourself or those who are dear to you.

There are other levels of Reiki for those who may be interested in exploring the energy further. The Healing Pages encourages people to integrate and use what is learnt at Reiki 1 for a period of time before considering going on to do further levels.

Reiki Two, The Advanced Practitioner level, Reiki Three Master Attunement Course and the Reiki Teaching programme are the other levels of Reiki offered by the Healing pages.

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