Reiki and Animals

by Angela Gorman, copyright 2005-2010

Animals respond very well to Reiki. Animals do not have the intellectual and emotional blocks that people often have. They are like sponges that absorb Reiki very quickly. Reiki sessions with animals tend to be shorter  than sessions with people and the results tend to manifest quickly.

Animals show you by their body positions and posture where to place your hands. Sometimes dogs will lie down and place one leg at a time in your hands for energy. Dogs and cats communicate their desire for Reiki by keeping very close to the person who can administer the energy to them. If an animal is not in need of energy and has no desire for it they will walk away from the situation or start to wriggle their body in protest.

No one knows exactly what animals experience during Reiki sessions and what their perceptions of Reiki are. The general  reaction is that animals become very still and relaxed during Reiki sessions. As with humans Reiki can be used for all types of injuries, illnesses and emotional challenges.

Cats and dogs usually remain lying down during Reiki sessions. When they have has enough they usually stand up and move away. Twenty to thirty minutes of Reiki is usually sufficient for an animal.

The Reiki hand positions used in Reiki sessions with animals are determined by the animal in question. Most Reiki practitioners  initially stroke the animal where the animal likes to be touched. Once this is done the practitioner rests their hands down on the animal’s body allowing the energy to flow.  As with humans if an area is found that seems to draw in a lot of energy, more time is spent on that area.

Reiki has proved to be of great benefit on animals who have been traumatized and abused. These animals usually do not respond well to touch at first. It is preferable that Reiki be beamed to them and that slow hand movements be employed. Once they feel the Reiki energy and understand that there is nothing to be threatened by they tend to calm down very quickly. If in doubt about whether to give Reiki to such an animal absentee healing could be done initially.

If you are using Reiki on an animal who is infected or has an open wound it is more appropriate to beam Reiki to the affected area.

Reiki is a wonderful loving gift that can be shared with all of our animal friends. They have their own unconditional way of saying thanks and letting us know that they understand the significance of Reiki.

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