The Difference Between a Good Healer and a Great Healer

Copyright,The Healing Pages, 2011

Have you ever contemplated what it is that makes a certain medical professional or complementary practitioner stand out in the crowd?

Why is it that some practitioners appear to have exceptional results in their practice?

There are wonderful doctors within the conventional world of medicine sincerely working on behalf of their patients. In the complementary healing sector there are a broad range of therapies available and every day there seems to be something new on offer.

When you peel it all back, within each field of medicine and every type of complementary technique, certain factors prevail in cases where great and outstanding results appear to occur.

I was always intrigued as a nurse at how two specialists working in the same hospital, treating the same condition could have patients who responded very differently to the same treatment.

Some Doctors simply had a better success rate than others.

Moving on from my life as a nurse into the world of holistic therapies, I am now fascinated to observe the same phenomenon.

It is a given that a client or patient must desire to get better in order for improvements to happen. But assuming this is the case, what else empowers healing.

Trust and Surrender are very important concepts when it comes to the therapeutic process.

The more a person trusts their practitioner and the therapy, the more they will surrender to a great outcome. Without trust you will not find surrender. Without surrender, the body finds it difficult to heal.

Communication is key in any relationship. Some practitioners have a greater ability to reach their clients, to understand their concerns and doubts and ease their worry.

Good communication helps the client to trust the therapy and the practitioner.

There is no doubt that some practitioners are more passionate about what they do than others. Passion fuels the process. It makes things happen. Who wants to attend an appointment where someone is just going through the motions!

How unlimited is the practitioner in their mindset and thinking! This cannot be underestimated.

The more unlimited the mind of the practitioner overseeing the therapy , the more influence there is on unlimited results. Any of you who understand the nub of quantum physics, will understand this.

How present and engaged is your practitioner or physician when you are with them? Are they thinking about their game of golf or how many minutes to go till their next client! Only when a practitioner is totally present, can their mind spill into empowering the best result possible.

Great practitioners know how to hold the space in any therapeutic environment. They have the ability to be very caring but emotionally detached from their clients’ or patients’ challenges.

Emotion breeds imbalance and illness, therefore it will not contribute to healing it.

In conclusion, the greatest physicians, practitioners and teachers I have come across all share the attributes I have highlighted above. They are usually very humble and practical people who mindfully distance themselves from any need to gratify their ego.

Those who move on to do the miraculous on a daily basis without having to meet their clients and who can change an environment by just walking through it are truly demonstrating their greatness. But, I will leave that story until another day……