Understanding The Intelligence Of Energy

By Angela Gorman, Copyright the Healing Pages, 2000-2010

Reiki energy has an intelligence of its own. It always knows where to go regardless of the circumstances of any individual case. The energy is not directed by the conscious mind of the practitioner but by the ultimate subconscious desires of the client. The subconscious mind often perceives reality in a different frame to that of our conscious thought. This is why Reiki can frequently help the skeptics. Their conscious perception of the energy may differ to their subconscious knowingness and willingness to accept it.

Reiki has intelligence and it will never do any harm in situations where a person is on medication or receiving medical intervention such as surgery. Some fear litigation in such situations. Others do not fully understand the intelligence behind energy and refrain from using Reiki on people with various medical conditions. Perhaps this is in line with what their teacher told them or what they read in a Reiki book.

Quantum physics is the science that studies the behaviour of energy and particles on very small scales, the scale of atoms and molecules and below. Science has the ability to track and observe the behaviour of electrons, protons, neutrons etc.

What quantum physics has discovered is that energy is influenced by the scientist that is observing it and will act according to his or her expectations. There have been a number of experiments done to prove this, the most notable came to be known as the double slit experiment.

The purpose of the experiment was to determine the behaviour of a traveling electron or photon (particle of light). The scientists wanted to determine if the particles traveled in a straight line (as in particle behaviour) or would they move around obstacles (as in wave behaviour). The results of this experiment were very interesting.

When scientists checked to see if the electron traveled as a particle it did. When they checked to see if it moved around obstacles like a wave of energy would – they found it did, in complete opposition to particle behaviour. In effect, the electron always behaved according to the expectations of the scientist or the observer of the experiment.

In Reiki the energy behaves in accordance with the subconscious desires of the client. In this situation the client is the observer, the scientist if you like. The Reiki practitioner’s thoughts and desires do not influence the flow of the energy that is meant for the client. The energy with its intelligence will only be directed by the client’s subconscious intent.